Technical Support

Here at Atlas Machine Knives Ltd we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience on all aspects of using machine knives. We are regularly called in by companies to solve cutting problems that other people have not been able to rectify.  If you are using our knife sales or sharpening service all our technical advice is free of change.

What material do you cut/convert?

Our valued customers cut everything from cheesecake to sheet steel using our knives. We can advise you on the correct material for your task as well as proven angles to make your blades stay sharp for longer.

Cutting problems?

We have seen and fixed all kinds of cutting problems, from cracking blades to rough edge finishing. More often than not you probably don’t need new knives, we can use our knowledge to provide you with the correct, most efficient solution.

Usually a small change on the angle of the knife, or a different grinding finish can fix a number of commonly seen problems.

We can even compensate for rough machine operation. Just ask us about relief angles, that way your knives will last longer and take a little bit more abuse.

We have seen it all, tell us your problems and let us advise you.

Fed up with dust?

There is more than one way to sharpen a machine knife.

Different techniques give different finishes and can be more suitable for different applications. Your end product doesn’t need to be full of dust any more. We can virtually eradicate dust and you don’t have to change a thing.

Try a free sample! Just give us a call to arrange a collection.

Don't be fooled!

Machine manufacturers make some weird and wonderful knives and chances are you take one look at those knives and assume the only place to get them is from the manufacturer.

This is wrong! We can make it and for a fraction of what they may charge, it will be the same or better quality, the same material, the exact same knife. All we require is a sample of the knife or a drawing. We can usually supply a template for the drawing to save you time.

We are here to help. Please contact us to see how we can meet your needs, assist you with technical advice, and advise you on our services.