Knife Regrinding

Atlas Machine Knives Ltd are experts in Regrinding machine knives. We use the latest in CNC Machinery and highly experienced staff. Whether it’s one-off jobs like your annual guillotine regrinding or weekly knife sharpening, we offer a reliable and regular collection service.

We can regrind all types of circular knives up to 800mm in diameter including bottom knives, multi edge rings, bottom blocks, dished knives, split knives, slitters, and any other circular machine tools with a cutting edge.

All types of straight knives up to 5 meters long – guillotines, granulators, pelletizers, fibre chop, shear blades, chipper blades, profile blades, doctor blades, and any other machine tool with a cutting edge.

Fast Collection & Return Policy

We make it as simple as possible for you to have your knives sharpened, within the North of Eng-land we can collect, sharpen, and deliver your knives back to you normally within 7 days, minimis-ing interruption to your production. If you are elsewhere in the UK, you can post your blunt knives direct to our workshop, we will sharpen them and return them via secure courier within 7 days.
If needed we can also provide an emergency turn around service and have your sharpened knives back to you within a day.

Experience You Can Trust

We have over 20 years experience in providing sharpening services to a number of different indus-tries. This has allowed us to gain a solid understanding of the quality requirements to produce a consistent and reliable knife sharpening service. The importance of grinding wheel type, grit size, coolant application, machine speed and their match with knife material cannot be overempha-sised. Our knowledge ensures that you get maximum performance and minimum downtime be-tween blade changes.

Precision Grinding Service

We have fully equipped engineering workshop to ensure our sharpening services are to the high-est possible specification always matching or exceeding OEM tolerances. Our machine tools include over 14 different precision grinders, as well as one of the largest surface grinders in the UK.

You can rest assured that we won’t excessively grind your knives, we just remove the wear. You can be sure of a ‘minimum grind’, ensuring you get maximum life out of your knives. We are here to help, please call or email us to see how we can meet your needs, assist you with technical ad-vice, and advise you on our services.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements on 01422 311552 or book a collection today.